Unitized System CW BLUE TECH WALL


The architectural bio-revolution

Market's request drive Bluesteel towards new concepts for the creation of high performance products. Bluesteel has come up with a new way of conceiving the traditional cellular Façade, with an innovative solution that combines the aesthetic appeal of the wood to the strength of traditional aluminium. This innovative solution is Blue Tech Wall©

The building principle

Blue Tech Wall© has been created based on the sound Bluesteel tradition of modular façades construction, with high quality standards and short assembly time. The union of wood and aluminium defines independent structures with individual dilatation, capable of absorbing movements and adjustments of the buildings.


The glass is fixed to the supporting structure through structural bonding and glass-glass finish.


Extruded aluminium profiles create the bearing core of the structure to anchor it to the construction and mount the openings.


Inner structure made of thick and exposed laminated wood.



Green and Non-toxic

Thanks to the use of secondary alloy aluminium and of wood from program replanted forests, Blue Tech Wall© conforms with the new environmental regulations. Furthermore, the use of water-based varnishes, reduces by 60% solvent emissions in the atmosphere.

Acoustic Comfort and Energy Saving

The excellent insulation of the wood and the use of profiles with thermal break ensure high winter performances, with an average transmittance of U≤1.0 W/m2K. Fitted with selective glass walls, Blue Tech Wall © considerably reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling. The thickness of the wood enhances the cladding acoustic insulation with average values of Rw 44 dB in standard configuration.

Fire resistant

The solid wood inner shell of the façade, which defines the cellular module structure, thanks to its fire resistance characteristics of 0.6 mm of carbonization per minute, gives to the element exposed to a fire an excellent fire resistance of 60 minutes, protecting the aluminium supporting structure.


The wide range of essences available, from the traditional finish Natural, Honey, Douglas, Walnut, Light Walnut, Bleached to the most sophisticated, provide the opportunity to meet every need.
The wide range of accessories for the unit cell modules together with the multiple processes that lends the wood, deliver a fine element of high aesthetic and technology value.